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Chef Colin Bramlett Sr.


Chef Colin, pictured on the far right, started his culinary path as a little boy, cooking along side his grandmother and preparing his own food. The passion for bringing smiles to the faces of those he feeds, flourished into a way of helping his fellow man. With God by his side, he earned a degree in dietary management, took multiple continued culinary education courses at a few different local community colleges, and is now a part owner of several businesses that feeds his local community. Since God blessed him with

a second chance, he felt compelled to give back to his community by returning to the correctional institute where he was incarcerated and taught inmates culinary skills while cooking for the facility and staff. His newest venture for giving back is the Second Course Culinary & Life Skills program. Click here to learn more about the program. Chef Colin has been featured in multiple articles showcasing his generous nature by teaching others that life can always have a "Second Course". It just takes hard work and determination.  

  • From inmate to gourmet: Restaurateur educates, inspires at Brown Creek

  • Former inmate-turned-chef returns to jail to teach others his craft

  • From inmate to gourmet: restaurateur educates, inspires captive audience

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